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Want to combine shred techniques like sweep picking, legato, tapping, and speed picking together all over the neck? 

Extreme Shred Techniques is designed to help you create your own arsenal of shred ammunition to unleash as you please.

Learn the phrases, make them your own, then set the fretboard ablaze. 

Extreme Shred Techniques Contains:

• A 45-minute in-depth video lesson

• 15 Extreme shred phrases to learn, combining sweep picking, legato, speed picking, and tapping. Taught to you slowly, note for note

100% accurate Guitar Pro & PDF tablature files 

• A 10 Minute epic MP3 backing track download 

• A play-along MP3 of shred phrases up to speed

Extreme Shred Techniques is designed to improve:

• Sweep picking, legato, string skipping, tapping, and speed picking techniques

• Fretboard Knowledge

• Shred vocabulary and shred improvisation

• Combining shred techniques to create unique, rapid-speed note flurries

• Solo writing

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