If you want to give your guitar playing an adrenaline shot and take your playing to speeds never reached before then keep reading...

During my 15+ years of teaching, I have heard all too often about aspiring guitarists aimlessly shelling out hundreds of dollars to learn, or spending countless hours scrolling for lessons on YouTube that may or may not help them.

This often leads to the ultimate procrastination where they rarely move forward with their playing, and if they do, it can take AGES. They are taking the slow path.

But imagine if you could shave years off your progress time.

Imagine if the hard work was done for you so you could get extreme shred techniques down FAST & connect them together in your own insane solos.

What if you could whip out outrageous improvised shred solos on the spot?

This is exactly what this course bundle is designed to get you to do.

It cuts through all the noise & confusion & aims to get you playing epic shred runs right off the bat.

I've boiled 'being able to shred' down to a few simple fundamentals.

Some players say "it's not the amount of years you have been playing, its the amount of hours you put in". This is true, however, I take it one step further.

My idea is that "it's not the amount of hours you put in, it's the QUALITY of those hours".

What you choose to strategically spend them on is what will make all the difference...

Advanced Extreme Shred 5 in 1 Bundle Contains:

  1. 'Ultimate Speed Picking' Video Pack
  2. 'Lethal Legato' Video Pack
  3. 'Sweep-Tapping Mechanics' Video Pack
  4. 'Advanced Tapping Phrases' Video Pack
  5. 'Extreme Shred Techniques' Video Pack

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In this secret packed 5 in 1 shred bundle you will discover:

  • Over 4 hours of high quality video instruction where techniques & phrases are taught slowly note for note
  • Downloadable PDF tabs, Guitar pro tabs, 10 min mp3 backing tracks, & mp3 play-alongs included with EVERYTHING
  • A wealth of head-turning shred phrases (& how to master them)
  • An in-depth & close up look into my signature sweep-tap technique (everything is covered from how I hold the pick, to the angle I tap, to what pick I use!)
  • How to play insane shred without picking a single note! (with just your fretting hand)
  • The ridiculously easy shred secret that no one ever told you about (that will transform your playing forever)
  • The best way to get your brain to absorb the information & fast-track your muscle memory for maximum results
  • Why warm-ups just get you better at warm-ups & how to stop wasting your precious time by implementing my signature "warm-ups" that get you better at many different things at once!
  • Essential modal scales & how you can 4X your progress just by easily memorizing them
  • My minor arpeggio fretboard map for connecting HUGE sweep phrases together
  • How to connect the fretboard in HUGE sweep patterns with my signature ascending & descending hyper-arpeggios
  • My signature "lazer picking" turn around technique to destroy your speedometer forever (see Sweep-Tapping Mechanics arpeggio mapping section)
  • Why you shouldn't avoid "rolls" when sweep-picking & the way to master them that no one told you about
  • My "dissecting the arpeggio" approach that will forever transform your sweep-picking and allow you to master it in record time
  • How I use guitar pro software to push my technique & instill phrases into my muscle memory at the same time (this is also how I "cram" & memorize long, technical songs quickly before tour)
  • How to connect extreme tapping phrases together across the fretboard
  • My daily signature left hand lethal legato work-out that maps out the entire fretboard, gives you insane legato technique, & allows you to connect huge legato flurries in your improvisation
  • My daily signature right hand 'endless economy picking' work-out that maps out the entire fretboard, gives you an insane speed picking/sweep/glide technique, & allows you to connect huge speed picking runs together in your improvisation (these workouts are designed to give both of your hands a daily technique work-out that will boost your fretboard knowledge, technique, & improvisation all at the same time!)
  • *FREE Bonus 1*: 'Life Imitating Art' Full Album Guitar Tabs & Backing tracks (Discover how to use your new techniques in a soloing/songwriting setting with the 'Life Imitating Art' tabs & Backing Tracks!)
  • *FREE Bonus 2*: Shred Wars & Jared dines Xmas 2018 Collab Guitar Tabs
  • *FREE Bonus 3*: 'Life Imitating Art' Full Album MP3 Download
  • And much, much more...

This shred course is designed to SKYROCKET:

  • Economy & alternate speed picking techniques
  • Legato, Sweep-Picking, Sweep-Tapping, String Skipping, & Tapping techniques
  • Fretboard Knowledge
  • Shred vocabulary & shred improvisation
  • Combining shred runs to create rapid speed note flurries
  • Solo writing

So if you want to 10x your speed, transform your playing FOREVER, & start shredding all over the neck then scroll down & click "Enroll Now'"

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Advanced Extreme Shred Curriculum

  Ultimate Speed Picking
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  Lethal Legato
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  Sweep-Tapping Mechanics
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  Advanced Tapping Phrases
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  Extreme Shred Techniques
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  BONUS 1: Life Imitating Art Tabs & Backing Tracks
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  BONUS 2: Shred Wars & Jared Dines Christmas Collab Solo Tabs
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  BONUS 3: 'Life Imitating Art' 2018 Full Album Download
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Jacky Vincent is an English musician who was the lead guitarist of the rock band Falling In Reverse from its formation until his departure in 2015. He is the guitarist of the power metal band Cry Venom, and now concentrates on his solo career and teaching. Vincent has two solo albums; "Star X Speed Story", released in 2013 through Shrapnel Records that came third in the Guitar World 2013 readers poll for Best Shred album and "Life Imitating Art" released in 2018. Jacky won the Alternative Press Guitarist of the Year award in 2012 and came third (after John Petrucci and Joe Satriani) in the Guitar World "Best Shredder" readers poll awards in 2013.