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This course is a fretting hand workout and phrase builder designed to give you next-level control, speed, and cool phrases, relying solely on your fretting hand. 

In my opinion, focusing in on legato doesn't just get your hammer-ons and pull-offs better; it transforms all of your techniques.

It even evolves right-hand heavy techniques like sweep-picking and economy/alternate picking.

I even noticed a huge difference in the quality of my bends and vibrato after focusing in on my left hand.

The phrases and fretboard mapping workout give you a roadmap of the fretboard, so you can create your own crazy legato shred runs all across the neck.

You can also easily add the phrases to your own improvisation to skyrocket your legato repertoire.

Lethal Legato Video Pack Contains:

• A 57-minute in-depth video lesson

• An up close and personal look at my legato technique and practice methods

• A fretboard Mapping & legato workout (2x your progress by mastering the fretboards' connected scales and boost your technique all at once)

• 15 Extreme legato phrases to learn, taught to you slowly, note for note

100% accurate Guitar Pro & PDF tablature files (I recommend highlighting each phrase on guitar pro and slowing them down until you can play along, then rinse and repeat until you're comfortable playing them beyond the full speed in the video)

• A 10-Minute MP3 backing track download

• An MP3 of shred phrases and legato work out to play along to

Lethal Legato is designed to improve your:

• Legato technique (and all other techniques inadvertently)

• Fretting hand control

• Fretboard Knowledge

• Shred vocabulary and shred improvisation

• Combining shred runs to create rapid speed note flurries

• Solo writing

• Practice methods

This course is closed for enrollment.